First post of the semester!


This is the first of my regular emails to you all. I will try to keep them infrequent, and brief, but this is the best way to communicate with all of you at the same time, so please DO read the emails I send out.

Firstly, I have attached an up-to-date schedule for Co-op appointment availability. If you have hours in the Co-op, check the schedule, and make sure it’s accurate. If there are issues, you need to let me know as soon as possible.

Next, tutoring starts on Monday. Some of you may have already gotten emails, or appointments made for your Co-op hours. Remember, each session needs to be recorded in TutorTrac. You can’t be paid for time unless there is a session in TutorTrac; if you have any questions, let me know. Here are some things to keep in mind:
-Know your resources. The professor is the best resource for a student. You should always encourage a student to visit office hours. Also, keep in mind                 Learning Skills tutors, writing tutors, TAs, departmental help sessions, SI sessions, and the like, whenever applicable.
-Professional tutoring does NOT include: complaining about professors, other tutors, or Learning Co-op staff; texting or talking on your phone; arriving late             to or leaving early from a session, unless previously negotiated; working on graded assignments (unless arranged with an instructor).
-One individual appointment per week, per subject. No exceptions to this policy, but group sessions are unlimited.
If the expectations for you as a tutor are at all unclear to you, please come in and talk to me.

The next payroll submission deadline (all PeopleSoft and TutorTrac records) is Sunday, September 15 at midnight. Any time that doesn’t match between systems, or not submitted by then, will not be approved. Your pay will be delayed until the next pay period. Be sure to clear up any confusion by then (or earlier, of course).

Finally, here are some course requests which we currently cannot accommodate. If you, or perhaps someone you know, can work with one or more of these courses, let me know. As of right now, these are the courses we are trying to cover:
BIOL 217, STAT 200, CS 008, CS 021, SPAN 052

Many thanks,

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