Happy Friday. Fun fact: did you know we are already 1/3 of the way through the semester? I didn’t until just now. Time sure does fly.

I hope everyone is doing well. This week will be a short email. I have a few notes on our upcoming schedules, and the usual tutor requests.

Monday is a holiday. Campus-wide appointments proceed as usual, but the Learning Co-op, and all Co-op based hours will be canceled on Monday. We WILL be open normal hours on Sunday, so Co-op tutors who work on Sunday should keep this in mind!

Spring Break is rapidly approaching. Unless you’ve already discussed it with me, Co-op hours will run as usual until Friday. The Co-op will be closed from 5:00 pm on Friday, March 1st until 10:00 am Monday, March 11th. If there is any issue with your Co-op hours and your plans for break, let me know.

Tutor Requests: BSAD 162, EC 135, NFS 033, PHYS 009, GEOL 062, MATH 173, MATH 241, EC 240, BCOR 103
Let me know if you can help with any of these.


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