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Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is settling back into their classes. If you’ve started already, I hope your tutoring sessions have been successful.

The first pay deadline will be Sunday, February 3. If you are confused at all about how to use PeopleSoft or TutorTrac to record your sessions, talk to me next week. Unless these things match, you CANNOT get paid. Everyone wants to get paid, so don’t put this off.

If you have any questions or concerns about your availability, whether related to Co-op hours, courses, or anything else, come talk to me. It’s better to straighten things out early in the semester.

As usual, I am including a running tutor request list. If you have taken any of these classes and would consider tutoring one or more of them, let me know. Courses for which we have received requests: PHYS 013, PHYS 044, BSAD 141, BSAD 180, BSAD 191, NR 104, POLS 071, WFB 074

Many thanks,

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