This is mostly just a reminder for the payroll submission deadline this weekend. Remember, the following need to be done before Sunday at midnight:

  • submit hours worked via PeopleSoft
  • complete creating and modifying all TutorTrac appointments
  • complete and submit all work summary reports (required only for SI leaders and drop-in group leaders)
  • submit all attendance sign-in sheets (required only for SI leaders and drop-in group leaders)

As usual, if you have any questions about these things, let me know

Here are the recent tutor requests for which we do not have a tutor. If you have taken any of these courses and might able to tutor it, you should let me know.

NR 104
CDAE 002, 157, 168, 266
BIOL 003
CS 031
MATH 173
HDFS 005
GRK 001
GEOG 060
PHIL 010
SWSS 220, 229
CHEM 121


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