Archive for October 8th, 2012


I hope everyone is having a great week. I know it’s getting crazy around here with exams and everything else. It’s pretty hard to believe that a month of the semester has already flown by.

Advice for the day: if your schedule is getting crazy, and you’re getting too many requests for tutoring, group them up! You can meet with two or more students for the same course at the same time. This allows you to help more students without committing any more of your time. If anyone has questions about how to do this, or needs help making arrangements, let me know.

Courses in need of tutors: PBIO 185, CDAE 061, BSAD 132, BIOC 205
Let me know if you might be able to tutor any of these courses.

Remember: the Tutor Blog ( has a variety of resources for tutors, including attendance sign in sheets for group sessions, the hour submission deadlines, as well as instructions for using PeopleSoft or TutorTrac. Be sure to look there if you need anything.


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