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From the PeopleSoft login page:


“The Financials and Human Resources PeopleSoft Systems will be unavailable from 4:30pm

on Thursday November 1st through the start of business on Monday, November 5th.

Note that time submission and approval is currently unavailable as we prepare for the system



You will not be able to submit time until the morning of Monday, November 5th. Please, keep track of your hours until then.



I hope everyone’s doing well. We have a lot to report this week, so please give this email a good read.

First, this coming Sunday will be another deadline for submitting your hours. Remember to get those hours into PeopleSoft, and all of your sessions are in TutorTrac. Also, bring in your Work Summary Reports if you have them. You should address any irregularities in this process with an email to me. Effective next week, any issues with payroll will require you coming in to talk to me.

Second, here is a quick policy update. When you are working in the Learning Co-op, please write your name on your workspace’s designated whiteboard. This allows front desk staff members and students to find tutors quickly and easily.

Third, here are some statistics. For the month of September 2012 alone (a three week period), subject area tutors recorded 158 different students with 316 tutoring sessions. Our total sessions exceeds numbers from the last few years. Great job to all of you busy tutors; you’ve all worked hard to help a lot of your peers. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Fourth, a private tutoring opportunity has come up for CHEM 031. For someone who wants to work with a student regularly to assist with CHEM 031, get in touch with me.

Next, an update on outstanding tutor requests. These are courses for which we do not have any/enough current tutors listed:
BIOL 001, CDAE 002, BIOL 003, SPAN 001-109, CHEM 121, EC 060, NR 104, MATH 173, CS 031
If you can work with any of these courses, do let me know.

Finally, as we approach the end of the semester, please notify me if you will be graduating. It’s never too early to start talking about planning for next semester. Giving me the notice allows me to recruit tutors for any courses you tutor. This helps me, students, and other tutors. So, let me know!

And one last note: I hope everyone has an amazing, overwhelmingly fantastic Halloween. Feel free to tutor in costumes. Be smart, safe, and a have a blast!



This is mostly just a reminder for the payroll submission deadline this weekend. Remember, the following need to be done before Sunday at midnight:

  • submit hours worked via PeopleSoft
  • complete creating and modifying all TutorTrac appointments
  • complete and submit all work summary reports (required only for SI leaders and drop-in group leaders)
  • submit all attendance sign-in sheets (required only for SI leaders and drop-in group leaders)

As usual, if you have any questions about these things, let me know

Here are the recent tutor requests for which we do not have a tutor. If you have taken any of these courses and might able to tutor it, you should let me know.

NR 104
CDAE 002, 157, 168, 266
BIOL 003
CS 031
MATH 173
HDFS 005
GRK 001
GEOG 060
PHIL 010
SWSS 220, 229
CHEM 121



I hope everyone is having a great week. I know it’s getting crazy around here with exams and everything else. It’s pretty hard to believe that a month of the semester has already flown by.

Advice for the day: if your schedule is getting crazy, and you’re getting too many requests for tutoring, group them up! You can meet with two or more students for the same course at the same time. This allows you to help more students without committing any more of your time. If anyone has questions about how to do this, or needs help making arrangements, let me know.

Courses in need of tutors: PBIO 185, CDAE 061, BSAD 132, BIOC 205
Let me know if you might be able to tutor any of these courses.

Remember: the Tutor Blog ( has a variety of resources for tutors, including attendance sign in sheets for group sessions, the hour submission deadlines, as well as instructions for using PeopleSoft or TutorTrac. Be sure to look there if you need anything.


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