I hope everyone is well, and I hope everyone is having success in both your classes as well as your tutoring. I have one important reminder this week:

COMMUNICATE PROMPTLY AND CLEARLY. We have had some complaints about tutors not responding to emails, or taking many days to do so. My expectation is that you respond to an email, whether from me or from a student, within 24 hours. If you are having trouble keeping up with communication because of your schedule, please talk about it with me.

Courses in need of tutors: GEOG 040, PBIO 185, CDAE 061, ASTR 005, BCOR 102. Get in touch with me if you can tutor any of these courses.

There are still openings in the tutor schedule here in the Co-op. If anyone would like to be considered for Co-op hours, please come in to talk to me about it, or send me an email.

For Chinese tutors: we have a private tutor request from the parent of an international exchange high school student. If you have interest in tutoring a high school student in Chinese, contact me for the details.

Best of luck on that first round of exams.


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