Tutor Requests!

Hi, All–

I have a ton of requests for tutors on my desk this semester.  If you have taken any of the following classes, gotten a B+ or better, and want to tutor it this semester, please let me know ASAP!

ASTR 005
BIOC 205/MMG 205
BSAD 141
BSAD 265
CDAE 254
CE 010
CE 134
CHEM 231
CS 002
CS 21 (MatLab)
CSD 80
CSD 101
EC 60
EC 180
EDSP 217
EDSP 280
EE 003
EE 131
ENVS 001
FREN 141
GEOL 001
GEOL 101
ME 111
NR 001
PSYC 109
PSYC 152
SOC 101

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