Wildcat Falls – Spring Break

Phenology March 22nd, 2017

Going home is always such a special and memorial time, remembering all the times spend in outdoor places. One of these places for me was Wildcat Falls, this beautiful place reminds me of Centennial Woods in its location. They are both found tucked away from the busy streets of an active town and city, you go there and you feel like you are in a whole new world. One of the main attractions though in Wildcat Falls in the running water and water falls that surround you. Centennial Woods is where the trees are the highlight and there are main more wildlife species that are seen in this area.  “Originally owned by the NH DOT, the land was sold to Merrimack in 1970 for $1.00. Wildcat Falls Conservation Area contains 87 acres of managed pine/hardwoods forest, by the Souhegan River and includes Wildcat Falls, a popular area. A portion of the Heritage Trail system extends from the entrance to the falls.” “A PSNH power line crosses the land and provides an excellent area for bird watching and wild blueberry picking. An area cleared of trees as the result of a forest fire provides excellent views of the Souhegan River and an opportunity to watch for American kestrel and other wildlife.”

Wildcat Falls Conservation Area. (n.d.). Retrieved March 21, 2017, from http://www.merrimackoutdoors.org/our-properties/wildcat-falls-conservation-area

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