Final Thoughts

The future of the planet concerns all of us, and all of us should do what we can to protect it. As I told the foresters and the women, you don’t need a diploma to plant a tree. -Wangari Maathai

If there is one thing that my final visit to Centennial will tell me, its that a lot can change in a short amount of time. Phenologically, the peepers are out, the migrating birds have returned from their vacations, and all is growing in the woods. Everything is teeming with life now more than ever- but I cannot forget that even the winter was filled with life, I just couldn’t see it.

With the East Woods debacle occurring at this time, I cannot imagine what UVM’s natural areas will look like in the future. Although there are policies to prevent development on the land, I can’t help but be skeptical. What would it be like if NR1 students didn’t have this opportunity, to learn more about a place? With that, I am thankful for all of the chickadees, the pines, and the worms that have accompanied my visits, both past and future, to this lovely place.

See you soon, Centennial!


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