Signs of Spring?

Yet another night with snow- when will this beauty phenological event end? I noticed a fresh layer of snow on Centennial Woods when I visited my phenology spot this morning. I have yet to see flowers poking up from beneath the coating of snow, but I hope that spring will soon be on its way (my hands are very chilly!)

Can you call skunk cabbage a flower? If so, flowering is clearly occurring near the riparian zone of my site. Mary Holland writes about this phenomenon in the March edition of “Naturally Curious.” She says, “It defies logic but there exists a plant in New England capable of pushing up through the ice and snow-covered ground of March and sending forth a flower. How is it possible that our earliest ‘spring’ wildflower, skunk cabbage, to survive and even flourish under these conditions.” (Holland, Page 33)

The past few weeks have personally been a challenge for me. My mental illness has been flaring up and I’m under a lot of stress with my schoolwork. I am reminded of my connection to nature and its healing properties every time I take time out of my day to explore Centennial Woods. I was always skeptical of the healing powers of nature like Walt K. talked about in lecture, but I suppose we can all use some more time outside. Whether it be watching robins search for worms on cold ground, or spending time walking with a friend in the woods, you feel more whole inside.

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