History of the Acquisition of Mohegan Park

Mohegan Park was intended to be created in 1896. In 1906, six private individuals agreed to donate 200 acres of land to construct the park, which they wanted to use as an area for Norwich residents to enjoy. Dr. John Rockwell was the first donor, giving almost 70 acres to the land; the other donors followed suit.

In 1908, the Board of Parks Commissioners chose the name of the space to be “Mohegan Park,” to recognize Uncas, sachem of the Mohegan indigenous people. By 1934, the land space grew to 350 protected acres. Most recently, in 1989, the city bought 31 more acres to add to the site, expanding the park to its current size of 381 acres.

Mohegan Park is one of Norwich’s largest land preserves and contains a beach, several pavilions, walkways, playscapes, fishing areas, and the office of the Norwich animal control. Local high schools and middle schools use the park for cross-country practices, while area residents frequent the park to walk along the trails, admire the scenery of the rose garden, and appreciate the park’s natural beauty.

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