Mohegan Park – Spring Break Phenology

Mohegan Park is currently the largest forested area in my home city of Norwich, CT. The main center of the park is Spaulding Pond, from which a running track is centered around. The local animal shelter is located within the park along with a few playgrounds and rose gardens.

In 1963, the earthworks that held back Spaulding Pond gave way; it was furthered by 100 years of soil saturation and unchecked growth of shrubs and trees. The water and ice flowed from the park to downtown Norwich, destroying historic buildings, damaging the east side of the Turner-Stanton Mill and killing six people. This was then known as the “Great Flood of Norwich.”

The park also contains a smaller skating pond which has provided overflow protection from the dam since 1968. There are several natural communities within the woods, including deciduous tree species like Oak, Maple, and Eastern White Pine and small shrubs.

SOURCE: Moody, Thomas (2013). “A Swift and Deadly Maelstrom: The Great Norwich Flood of 1963, A Survivors’ Story.”

Norwich Bulletin Article about the Individual Stories of the Flood.

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