The Human History of Centennial Woods

Centennial Woods is composed of 65 acres of mixed hardwood stands, conifer stands, meadows, and riparian zones. In the early 1900s, the land was owned by a dairy farmer by the name of Fred Fiske. Fred was originally from Brookfield, VT and attended the University of Vermont prior to purchasing the land. The site contains some evidence of its past; barbed wire can still be seen attached to trees and posts along the outside of the property. It was not until much later that the Vermont Electric Company put in power lines along the adjacent meadow to supply Burlington residents with electricity.

Above: A 1974 Map of the Board of Trustees’ Distinction of UVM’s Natural Areas. In order to advance their goal of having Centennial Woods as a protected area, they instituted a strict no-firearms policy and stated that the paths could not be further developed, unless for educational purposes (Courtesy of UVM Special Collections).

Source: The Changing Landscape of Centennial Woods Natural Area (UVM Natural Areas)


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