A New Generation Changing the World, One Business At A Time

We believe business can change the world and, capitalism — disrupted and reinvented — is a force for the economic, environmental, and social change necessary to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Out of this belief, The Sustainable Innovation MBA was created to build the next generation of business leaders who will build, disrupt, innovate, and reinvent sustainable business and enterprises in a world that demands it.

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With each new cohort arriving on campus we are struck by two things: first, the diversity of experiences and backgrounds in our students, often reaching beyond business, and second, that these students have passionately and intentionally chosen business as a vehicle to change the world.

So, we were pleased — but not surprised — to find this interesting take on the growing attraction among millennials to enter the business world as agents of change. In an article in GreenBiz entitled, “Is business the new destination for millennial activists?“:

“According to a recent survey by Deloitte, 76 percent of millennials view business positively and believe that it has a positive impact on society. The widespread criticism of big business, once so intrinsic to college campuses, is also on the decline with a 16 percent drop since 2015.

“Talented and passionate young people who almost certainly would have gone into the nonprofit or public sector just a generation ago are now more likely to join a mission-driven business.”

The University of Vermont’s one-year Sustainable Innovation MBA was designed from the ground up to challenge the traditional MBA. We enlisted some of the greatest leaders in the field to design and shape our program.

The result? We’ve fundamentally reinvented business education and the MBA degree to address directly the core challenges we face– environment, ethics, poverty and inequality—through the lens of enterprise and entrepreneurship.  In just twelve months, you receive an accredited MBA degree, which includes not only the basic MBA toolkit, but also the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to transform today’s business and create tomorrow’s truly mission-driven, inclusive, and sustainable enterprises.

If you, too, believe in the power of business to change the world, won’t you join us?

Photo: Lisa Carver, KuliKuli Foods.