The Arrival of November


Yesterday morning I took a walk down to Centennial Woods and visited my phenology site. This was a great way to start my day and the rainy weather woke me up. As a results of this rain the stream’s water level was very high, nearly flooding in some places. Witnessing this rushing water helps me to understand the stream-side erosion I had observed on earlier visits. Also during this visit I noticed a dying Paper Birch tree. Knowing Centennial Woods to be fairly young, it makes sense that this birch tree could’ve been a re-gorwth tree from the “Stem Exclusion” stage of the forest. Now that Eastern White Pine trees have become dominant, in the old growth forest stage, trees like this Paper Birch are blocked of sunlight and die. Lastly, on the Paper Birch I also observed wood pecker holes. Hopefully I can soon spot the bird who made these holes!

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