Monthly Archives: October 2018

Autumn Visit


Sunday I stopped by my phenology site and noticed immediate change. Many of the deciduous understory trees had changing leaves and bare limbs. This allowed me to see much further into the forest beyond my spot. The Eastern White Pines, making up the main overstory of my site, maintained their green needles, keeping the area looking alive. Still, it was clear the forest is preparing for winter. Another indication of winter’s coming was the lack of animals. I did not see nor hear any life beyond the trees and shrubs during this visit. My last observation was a check-up on my site’s Ash tree. It continues to look healthy and beetle free.

Birdseye map of site –

Green and Alive


Today I visited my phenology site. I have a small clearing in Centennial Woods, alongside the creek. I was drawn to choose this location because of its natural beauty. The combination of the creek’s movement and surrounding vegetation make the area feel extra alive. The most common tree at the site is Eastern White Pine, but there are several Ash and Buckthorn trees as well. I am curious if I will see the first hand affects of invasive Emerald Ash Borer’s in the coming months on my sites healthy looking Ash’s. Although there are lots of other diverse trees, such as a Boxelder and Paper Birch, the grounds of my site are covered densely with smaller plants and saplings. Over-story trees seemed more dominant. Getting to the location is straight forward from the Centennial trail entrance. If you follow the trail straight, turning right off of the first path split, you will arrive in no time.