Entry II October 10, 2017

As one approaches the pine grove from the opposite shore, the path crosses dense flowers, weeds, herbs, ferns, grasses and a few walnut trees. Lining the shore is shrubbery that leans over the water, mostly Buckthorn. I see a good number of water striders on the surface of the stream. There is a wetlands ecosystem facing east where the stream winds through the grassland. The marsh is characterized by pockets of mud among the tall grasses, open space, weeds and cattails and other wetland vegetation.

Along the opposite shoreline there are a few walnut trees. Past this there are light grasses and herbs. Beyond this is a large grove of Eastern White Pine. The trees sit upon a hill which rises right over the stream. Half way up the hill there is an old wall with intense and artful graffiti. Sitting on the wall feels like the hill forms a great lecture hall that hearkens to the stream. I can hear squirrels rustling through the fallen leaves.



These pictures show the wetland system and the stream from the bridge.



These pictures show vegetation surrounding the spot. 




This is a Walnut tree standing before the pine grove.


This is the trail going through the grasses to the stream. 

This is a fly on the shore opposite of the grasslands. 


This is the Buckthorn shrubbery that leans over the water. 



These pictures are taken of marsh vegetation from the wetlands. 

(The grassland and bridge crossing over the stream is dead ahead from here).


These pictures were taken from atop the wall of the pine grove. 



These pictures were taken of the wall from the pine grove.

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