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Spring has sprung!

Upon returning to my phenology spot this week, I was delighted to see how green it has gotten. Though there weren’t any wildflowers poking through the leaf litter, there was an abundance of vibrant green moss which carpeted the forest floor and draped over the trees and rocks. The trees and bushes were just starting […]

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Georgia Forest

Over spring break I went on a training trip to Richard B. Russel State Park in Elberton, Georgia. We were on a pretty strict practice schedule, so most of my pictures are from our sunrise hikes/runs from our cabins to the boathouse. The forest was made up largely of pine trees, and the accumulation and […]

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Natural Community

My spot’s natural community proved difficult to identify, since the forest changes a lot depending on the bank, and how far from the brook the trees are growing. Conifers like eastern hemlock and eastern white pine grow up the slope of the southeast bank, away from the brook, while a few deciduous trees such as […]

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