Narrative Sequence

22 03 2011

Jose Amador is a computer geek slob who lives with his mother. He has zero friends and wants nothing more than to be important and have someone to talk to. He sits at his computer all day and drinks an obscene amount of Mountain Dew while endlessly surfing the web trying to find a purpose. When he was 7, his father, Miguel, was brutally murdered in downtown LA. After his father’s death, he and his mother moved to Michigan where he was not allowed to leave the house without his mother. Now 33, Jose keeps hearing about all of the crime in his city, and decides to research what he can do about it.

Unfortunately, he is not very successful at finding the crime to stop…


2 03 2011

RED, red and more red… It’s everywhere!


23 02 2011

Direct light with shadows

Out of place

16 02 2011

Interms of elements one does not belong… Which one is it and why?

Horizontal Lines

9 02 2011

All of these are windows of some kind.

1. Davis Center window.

2. Back window of my car.

3. Waterman windows.

Round Pics

1 02 2011

Below are my photos for this week. They are graphic Stickers which are round or have round images.

1. Program Board Sticker

2. Burlington Bagel Bakery Bumper Sticker

3. Cabot Cheese Sticker

Hey Eveyone!

25 01 2011

Hey Everyone!

Here are my pics…

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