November Event Map/Visit Description

Unlike my past visits, I arrived to Centennial Woods wearing more than two layers of clothes. It has been extremely cold and wet the past few days, however the weather has not been the only thing to change. I noticed that all of the animals in my area have disappeared. The most noticeable were the birds because it was much quieter than previous visits. By this time of November, most of the leaves lie dead and brown on the ground, with a few still hanging on. All of the conifers have lost the needles of their bottom branches, but still have dense patches of needles at the peak. Another change I saw was in the water levels of the stream. Today, the stream’s width had grown by around 5 feet on each side and the velocity of the water was much greater. There were also many more pools of water sitting around the large boulder I usually sit to relax on. I think this is due to the rain, bringing more runoff into the stream. 

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