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Talk Like a Pirate Day — IT’S COMING!!!

September 14, 2009

Hello, again!

It’s been a long (but not long enough!), busy, but productive summer, and now the hallways of UVM’s campus are thronged with iPods and cellphones, each being transported regally by its very own student/porter!

To get back into the bloggy swing of things, here’s a bunch of stuff you should know.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day be coming this Saturday, ye scurvy dogs! Ye know what to do… if ye know what’s good for ye! ARRR!!!!

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I’m teaching two courses this semester: Digital Composing and Writing Bodies: Rhetorics of the Flesh. Follow the links to check out the course blogs, syllabi, reading lists, projects, etc. (Hint: despite the fact that the Rhetoric class has the sexiest title, I suspect many of you reading this will be more interested in the Digital Composing class, which has some really exciting — and yes, sexy — projects coming up!

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Many of you will be pleased to hear that I’ve made really nice progress on the book. I’ll finish the full manuscript this semester, so be looking for more info on it soon!

As anyone who’s ever worked on a long, complex project knows, the prospect of actually getting it finished — embodied and corporeally manifest in external form, rather than ectoplasmically and eternally ethereal in the confines of your mind — is exciting and daunting at the same time. I was reminded a few months ago of the character of Monsieur Grand, the writer in Camus’ The Plague, whose grandiose vision of his own completed work keeps him from ever starting it.

“What I really want, Doctor, is this. On the day when the manuscript reaches the publisher, I want him to stand up — after he’s read it through, of course — and say to his staff: ‘Gentlemen, hats off!'”


Though he knew little of the literary world, Rieux has a suspicion that things didn’t happen in it quite so picturesquely — that, for instance, publishers do not keep their hats on in their offices. But, of course, one never can tell, and Rieux preferred to hold his peace.” (Albert Camus The Plague, trans. Stuart Gilbert, 102)

I’m pretty sure my publishers don’t wear hats in their offices, either. But I’m also not paralyzed like Grand. So, I’ve got that going for me.

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Yes, Felicia Day, she of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog and now the smash web comedy The Guild now has her own video. And yes, if I weren’t married, I’d probably wanna date her avatar. (I’d never believe she was actually a female — and that’s okay!)

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Yes, you read that right — The Spouse and I made it finally, really, official and got finally, really married on September 1st of this year. See what happens when a state legalizes gay marriage? Gay people who have been together for-freaking-ever… you know… get married. So, good on Vermont! First in the country with civil unions, and now first in the country for Legislature-enacted gay marriage!

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