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Fun With Fonts

August 14, 2008

I like fonts. I’ve got lots and lots and lots of fonts on my laptop and I spend an inordinate amount of time playing with them, trying to pick just the right one to convey exactly the right mood, tone, and connotations. This is a problem every year at syllabus-writing time. Which is right now.

So, while I fiddle with my syllabus fonts, check these out:

Courtesy of David at Someone in a Tree:


And courtesy of Bag of Nothing, The Empire Poster Quiz! Try to guess which movie posters single letters have been taken from. (I got 20 out of 46 right!) This is highly reminiscent, for those of you who are old, like I am, of the old TV show, Name That Tune. Eventually, someone would become so competitively inspired that s/he would declare, “I can name that tune in one note!” And you know what? Sometimes, they could. This quiz is like that. You may be surprised how many movies you can name just from seeing one letter.


Be warned, though, that many of the movie titles DO NOT begin with the letter given, even though the answer blocks seem to suggest that they might. Good luck!

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