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Messed Up

June 22nd, 2008

Well, Movable Type just ate the relatively amusing entry I was about to post. So now you’re stuck with this. It’s a three-parter, and you really do need to click through and read the link targets.

First, this charming story of a much-beloved sadistic science teacher in Ohio.

Then, read this charming entry in the Conservapedia, the Wikipedia for and by conservatives.

Finally, read this charming reaction to the Conservapedia entry by Lawyers, Guns and Money’s D. Make sure you read the comments — they’re choice.

And then, as a special added bonus, since I feel bad not dishing out my usual degree of meta-awareness and commentary, here’s a meta-LOLCat to brighten your day.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bake some chocolate-chip cookies while I despair for humanity. And try to figure out how to accomplish all of that branding, home-schooler-tormenting, and sexual-immorality-promoting I need to demonstrate so I can get tenure and not have to care about whether I do a good job in the classroom.

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