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It’s Not Random If You Use Numbers

June 17, 2008

As they say in my homeland, “Howdy!”

The downtime has been lovely, but as part of the new workplan I’m going to be posting something short each and every day to keep the writing mojo flowing.

So, to kick things off, a veritable potpourri of interesting, thought-provoking, and wiinsome (sic) stuff. And, as the title indicates, it’s not a random collection of stuff because it’s numbered!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1) Wii now have a Nintendo Wii! Oui, c’est vrai. And we even have a few games for it that allow online play with other proud Wiiple. At present, we have MarioKart Wii, Endless Ocean, and Trauma Center: New Blood. So, if you’ve got a Wii, and one or more of those games, too, zing me an e-mail so wii can exchange super-secret and highly irritating Wii-codes, which will then allow us to enter those codes into our Wii systems thus unlocking online play on a game-by-game basis. (Yes, the process seems to be exactly that tedious.)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2) With all of the gay marriage going on in Massachusetts, and now in California and New York (though New York took the easy way out by recognizing gay marriages without performing them), I imagine straight, married people around the country must be reduced to quivering piles of lime-green jello as they await the inevitable dissolution of their own marriages. As we’ve been told time and again by the “marriage is a straights-only club” members, gay marriage is the final straw that will break the (straight) marriage camel’s back. And now, via AmericaBlog, we have proof:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

3) Somebody, somewhere, posted a link to this Talking Jesus Doll (I kid you not), and I haven’t been able to get the darn thing out of mind for days now.


It’s not that I’m particularly religious… I’m not. I just think Talking Jesus is kinda hot. I really appreciate it when “toy” companies put in the time and energy it takes to make Talking Jesus an attractive Caucasian guy with flawless hair and a reassuringly upper Midwestern newscaster accent (i.e., the accent most Americans can’t hear as an accent).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4) While I was poking around, looking for the original link to Talking Jesus, I found this on BoingBoing, a link to t-shirt designs refuting one of the primary arguments of Creationism/So-Called “Intelligent” Design”


See, the Creationists argue that you don’t have to teach Creationism, per se in science classes, just teach “the controversy” over evolution, which would require teaching Creationism and/or “Intelligent” Design. Of course, among scientists there really is no controversy. Evolution is accepted as the paradigm for the appearance and development of life on earth. And yet they try to weasel religion in any way they can. (Goodness, this is becoming quite the theological post, isn’t it?)

I bring this up in part because I like the shirt designs, and partly because I have an editorial cartoon on my office door that makes the same points with astrology, alchemy, phrenology, and other pseudo-sciences. But these are wearable. Cool.

  1. Liam
    June 18, 2008 at 6:56 pm | #1

    If you try out any of those little wii-ware games, and find a multiplayer, networkable, friendly one, do post a mention of it.

    (One uses the tedious-to-acquire wiipoints to download wiiware. Sigh.)

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