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Did You Know…?

May 15th, 2008

… that today is Peace Officers Memorial Day? And that every year on May 15th, flags are to be flown at half-staff to mourn their losses and memorialize their service?

Neither did I. But as I was walking to my office this morning I noticed that the flags were at half-staff. So, I asked the helpful information desk attendant at our new $50+ million dollar student/conference center why the flags were lowered. She didn’t know, but she went back into the main operations office and asked someone who might.

If you’ve ever played the game of “Telephone,” you may have an inkling of what’s coming up.

When she returned, she solemnly told me that there was a Presidential Proclamation declaring that all flags should be lowered to half-staff today to celebrate the National Peace Memorial.

I am not making this up. Once I processed what she’d said, I was indignant that the President would “celebrate” peace with the international symbol for state mourning, but I thanked the attendant for checking into it for me and walked away in a bit of a huff.

Then, once at my office, I pulled up Google and started searching for what was really going on.

So, we have two things to be thankful for: 1) the dedication and sacrifice of our police officers; and 2) that our President didn’t attempt to force us all to mourn the promise of peace.

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