Bird’s Eye Drawing of Rock Point

Here is a drawing of mine of Rock Point Peninsula!


When walking there last week I saw multiple signs of wildlife.

  • First there was a snag with Pileated Woodpecker bores all over it. The size of the largest holes were even about 6 inches across and  5 inches deep!
  • There were also tracks of various creatures in the mud along the edge of the Parade Ground Meadow. Some small birds but also what could be a coyote (probably just a dog though)
  • SCAT! lots of scat in one portion of a trail, this didn’t look like the work of a dog as seeds were impeded in the stool of this animal. Not sure what kind of animal, they were medium sized possibly raccoon or possum?
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Picture of Cliffs at Lone Rock Point!

I was unable to figure out how to post this photo but seemed to figure it out.

On the northern side of the peninsula are quite grand rock formations. Very clearly can you see bedrock varieties change at about 15 ft above lake level. These cliffs captured my imagination and were truly mesmerizing.

p.s. that lil boy in pic is me

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Comparison with Mount Toby

Over break I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite mountains back home in Massachusetts. I am technically from Hadley but went to Amherst schools. Although Amherst feels like a space of natural wonder, Leverett, its hilly neighbor to the north is on a new level. One of its many mountains is Mount Toby. This is the sort of recreational area that in order to get there you need to know where it is, luckily, I do. Its seclusion is nice because of how few people actually go there.

When hiking up the mountain, there were a few differences between the MA mountain and the VT woodland. The ground felt soft in MA. I don’t think they have had their first frost yet and you could definitely feel the difference. The age of the forest felt different as well. at Toby there seemed to be much older trees, but tons of them were fallen along the range. This surprised me as I cannot remember a strong storm in the previous few years.  As I investigated it appeared that many of the trees had been cut down. I do not know why or by whom but humans had definitely influenced the landscape here unlike North Point. Toby was also a more homogenous forest cover. There were only a few prominent species of trees including red maple and white oak with the exception of an area of small coniferous trees growing between their fallen deciduous comrades.

Both soils felt similar, quite wet, besides the fact that up here the ground feels frozen. similar birds, mammals, and insects. The last time I was at Toby I saw a mother deer and her doe. Am yet to see that at North Point.

Thanks and have a nice day!

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Introduction to Lone Rock Penisula

Hello World! This is my first post in a year long phenology project where we choose a place within Burlington and follow the natural progression of seasonal changes and natural changes throughout the year. I chose a location north of the city of Burlington and right above North Beach. I chose this place because over the summer a close friend and I camped out at North Beach and explored this area. On arrival here at UVM I wanted to venture back to this neat spot we found and saw this assignment as the perfect way to stay in touch with the area.

The easiest way to get there by car is to first get directions to Burlington High School. Once  you are there drive past the school and take a right, down the road there is a marked dirt parking lot. Follow the signs for about a half mile past the bishop’s house and you will arrive at the peninsula. From here there are a few places you can go, south trails lead to North beach, head strait west to the meadow, or farther north for some beautiful rock cliffs! I hope you can discover this place for yourself!

Heres the Google Map info:,-73.2476087,1170m/data=!3m1!1e3


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Hello world!

Welcome to UVM Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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