The level of community engagement in the Jericho Research Forest and the forests of Puerto Rico varies, yet all of the partners agree that involving local residents, school groups, and other communities of interest in their overall mission and objectives is important.  Whether it be through opportunities to assist with research and forest management, through forest and environmental eduction, or through community-building activities, this course has provided the opportunity to explore approaches to community engagement. – Elise Schadler, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources graduate student

Community Engagement at the Jericho Research Forest and in the forests of Puerto Rico

At Tropic Ventures, volunteers are trained to assess the blue mahoe trees. While no local volunteers have participated to date, staff are eager to incorporate residents in the area.

At the Casa Pueblo community center in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, visitors can see the organization's museum, buy crafts and coffee at the gift shop, learn about sustainability initiatives the organization is implementing, and participate in the market on the front lawn.

At the Jericho Research Forest community members can participate in the Forest Walk and community day the first Saturday of each month.