For the spring 2011 Place-based Landscape Analysis course each student chose one of six lenses through which to explore the Jericho Research Forest and the forests of Puerto Rico.  Throughout the first few weeks of the semester the students then framed a specific set of questions based on their lens and their interests.  Please click on any of the topics included in the menu bar to the right or on the main diagram on the home page to see the the individual research questions and topics and many of the students’ final class projects.

In addition to individual final products, the class also prepared an integrated presentation for members of the UVM community.  Slides from the final presentation can be viewed in PDF or WMV format by clicking the link below; a video of the entire presentation may be available in the near future.

2011 Class Presentation– PDF Format

2011 Class Presentation– WMV Format (each slide 8 seconds)