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Peter S. Henne

Fall 2017

Posted: March 21st, 2017 by phenne

In Fall 2017 I am teaching two courses, POLS-051 (Introduction to International Relations) and POLS-157 (International Politics of the Middle East).

POLS-051 provides students with an introduction to both the academic and practitioner sides of international relations. It includes units on broad theories of international relations, concepts in international security and international organization, international relations statecraft, and a discussion of current events and debates in international relations including  the status of US power, the role of religion, and the importance of social media.

POLS-157 is an overview of Middle East politics, beginning with broad approaches to studying the region, looking at the politics of specific countries–ranging from Algeria to Iran–and then applying this information to a variety of cross-cutting events and topics. These include regional rivalries, the Arab Spring, and the status of women.

Both courses are primarily lectures, although I leave ample room for conversation with and among students.

I will be using Blackboard for course communications, you can access Blackboard here.

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