Notes on Killswitch

Notes on Killswitch

Criminality as a crime of curiosity
crime of outsmarting
-Aaron Swartz

Information as the new gold, oil
Like Diamonds, worth trillions of dollars
Control yields wealth and power

Eg control of information on climate change
saves trillions of dollars in regulation

Tim Wu
open and culturally dynamic, similarities to the radio and other industries
early decentralization, chaos and unpredictable
yields later consolidation, which feels good, but later we rue what we have lost

Lawrence Lessig
desire for our own blog, tweet about the candidate etc
engagement as owners in the political process
freedom is embedded in the political technology

The advent of the mouse into the silicon bubble
the advent of net neutrality by Tim Wu
creates the history of the information industries
a powerful and abundant opportunity to control minds of people in the nations as a company which controls information as a function of powerful monopolies… forces which are interested in reversing the interests of the internet into a commercial project -> the function of money in the cooperative commons of communications threatens the republic
This is a fundamental issue to the formation of the United States which remains to this day

Peter Ludlow
covers online gaming company
Sims online and use of cyberprostitutes yielded viral release of the blog but banning from the game, conventional success and all…

Lawrence Lessig
Legal corruption vs. illegal corruption
belief that money buys results in congress which is protected by the constitution
The difference between the tiny slice of the population that makes decision and the will of the people

Tim Wu
insensitivity of the public to the concept of money in politics
whether the network can remain the place of political ends

Lawrence Lessig
to allow for overcoming government corruption through the unit organize for specific political roles, an end to end p2p architecture
not to say that there is a likelihood for victory, but there is no likliehood if the structure of the internet is lost

peter ludlow
there will be no victory or losses through the internet, sniping and fighting over the internet is occurring behind the curtain, and the rigged game needs to be unraveled
Hacktivist as one who takes traditional technologies and repurposes it for social and political causes
using tech like twitter and using it in ways which were never expected, for revolution
CFAA in the wake of Wargames
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act prohibits use of a computer for a use which was unintended
Fine print contains thousands of things which are against the law… eg. age creates a felon status from the use of many online services which are limited to 18 and up
So then the system decides which characters are threats to the system and pursue them

Aaron Swarz – Creative Commons 2006
The internet provides a communication which is nonexistant in books or other services
designed RSS at 14, 15 CC and 19 on infoGami which combined with Reddit
But Aaron becomes a hacker
Lawrence Lessig: we need to celebrate the activity of hacking as the use of tech knowledge to advance a public good

Guerilla Open Access Manifesto: information is power, but like all power those who have it do not want to share
Release of documents prohibits stopping of documents

Cory BoingBoing
PACER illegally accessed by Aaron Swartz
Then began work on JSTOR

The history of interesting work, of scientists should have been available to people
access to a wide variety of scholarly articles
the access fees were substantial and locked out from scientific legacy
a little bit of magic makes those available to everyone
civil disobedience was worth it for the access to the scientific knowledge of the world
arrested by MIT and Secret Service

Google and Verizon power over net neutrality vote
Tim Wu: legality of blocking hulu or bing no longer allowed by the carriers of internet service
the once exciting new media becomes increasingly closed and dominated by the oligopoly
government like monopoly because they can be used to their ends
The use of monopolies to give republican candidates the vote with the institution of the telegraph lines in the United States, has been replicated with the cyber era
Governments tend to like information monopolists, which creates a system which is very close to fascism

1984, George Orwell: “don’t let it happen”
shadowy figures or systems as a part of the intelligence system which Ed Snowden believed int he goodness and nobility of the intentions to free people overseas
Over time, exposure to true information had not been propagandized in the media
requires actual involvement in the SUnni republic, the NSA specifically targets the communcations of everyone by default
communication and storage of data creates a dangerous capability for anywone to have

Peter Ludlow:
The extra information is actually undermining security, would rather have the NSA out there spying on terrorists etc…
Data mining as ineffective, despite the talk from the NSA, the real possibility needs to be addressed that it may be making us less safe

Lawrence Lessig
building the machine to deal with the terrors, has now been reprocessed to address every system which has been described
the threatening of liberty or innovation

Computer Fraud Prosecution of Aaron Swartz was targeted as a result of his politics

Kim Dotcom
Aaron Swartz became a political target

Aaron Swartz was charged with four felonies for his actions
there has to be laws and control on the internet
necessity to shut down criminals and those stealing foreign jobs….

Chris Dodd
Democratic lobbyist MPAA for motion pictures, which would include laws passed through Congress, and created the support as a victory lap which would be a simple and efficient way to take pirate sites down… the fundamental difference between being on the side of the pirates and allowing content owners to get the government to legally shut down such websites by force

The Stop Online Piracy Act 2011
Sort of activity which should be celebrated, not regulated when films are remixed… recombination was attempted to be prohibited,
addressing the possibility that internet regulation would end the internet
attitude of a tyrant, the fighting back of the citizens begins as organic movements by citizens saw a change occur in the mechanisms

Websites protest anti-piracy bills
demonstration of psychological dependence on the MPAA, but now the giant has woken up, which allows the framing of issues into this libertarian and liberal alliance. The Internet has woken up.

Hard to believe to remember the story, that there was no dream or nightmare, but the understanding that this would occur again

There is no question that the content industry is behind this, the saga of the movement of Dotcom
“don’t vote for the guys who are against internet freedom”
the billions of dollars which were lost by multinational corporations because of the behaviors
description of Aaron Swartz as a hero
Swartz is followed by 9 violations of the CFAA
bankrupted and facing 35 years in jail, he hung himself

Nothing was known by his girlfriend about what happened, he had rational depression
this was a person who was pushed to the edge by a bullying by our government
there are a thousand things each of us could have done, and we have to do because he has now become an icon and an ideal to fight for for the rest of our lives

Carl Malamud: Aaron swartz was not a criminal, the accusations levied against him were crimes against justice, a misuse of the criminal system.

why there was an expectation to ever win as long as there was a corrupt government

Ed Snowden as an expression of creativity, love, friendship all recorded
authority ot deputize corporate america to do dirty work for NSA
millions were paid through PRISM other systems for data
becoming an instrument of government action
using a system to go back in time and discuss every decision which has ever been made
Importance of the charge of espionage even when he did not work for a foreign government
do we want prison for life for people like that?
What is the determination that is important to you?
How was Snowden able to outmaneuver the top spy agency in the nation twice on the way to Moscow?

Episodic invasions of privacy, included virtual invasions of privacy
The question continually arose for the surveillance with restrictions for the way that data and confidence can be invaded
We knew the story was coming
The NSA does not wittingly collect data on millions of Americans
Snowden lied in the law to everyone but Greenwald was the columnist who broke the story
9/11 commission made the US government information clear without connection of the dots, not a problem of collecting information but of knowing what the data points are, exemplified by the Boston Marathon killing
Duty to uphold the constitution of the USA, enslaved part of a 1984 dystopia, Aaron Swartz as a guy who did what he ought to have done, in the minefield of copyright
extraordinary influence extant, especially on the democratic party, created necessity for information to flow freely, but no mercy was shown by Obama Administration to cases which involved copyright

The Obama necessity to appear strong in dealing with Edward Snowden

Government as a corruption of capitalism
creation of a benefits governmetn through necessary procurement of money, not through illegal bribery precisely, about economies interested in protection not in competition

Tim Wu
Downtown New York had a plan to preserve urban areas which has been paralleled in the national forestry work, creates a change in consciousness which yields a change in net neutrality

Peter Ludlow
shifting consciousness about race, environment, women’s rights in the 60s and another one is occurring today, a raising of consciousness, suspicion that this is just the beginning stages…
Fundamental corruption

Lawrence Lessig
We are one people who have promised to make a government that is dependent on one people, if you are contingent to one people you are party to such a system.

The importance of unity in democracy

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