Health Class 2007?

Paul Andreas Fischer
Today I analyzed my dietary and physical wellness using a new program called My total caloric intake was well under the recommended level (or even what I thought would be reasonable) and unfortunately, so were many food group levels.  The most important piece of information that I acquired from the activity was that I need three pieces of pizza (which I could barely eat) just to receive the -_- rating in several food groups from My Pyramid. Despite the fact that many food groups are below recommended levels, I realize that fluctuations in my daily routine make up for this. The only group that sincerely worried me was the sodium (most commonly found in salt) that was over six hundred and fifty mg in excess of the recommended amount (2300 mg). My overall conclusion from this report, however, is that I need at least one more meal in my day if I continue the physical activities in which I am currently engaged.
This is especially important: while my diet fluctuates so that occasionally milk intake will be high and fruit low, or my vegetable intake high and the meat intake low my physical exercise is nearly the same every. This means that I need to intake four thousand calories each day to maintain good health. If I were to shave another two hundred calories off my daily diet, then my growth would be stunted and I would face substantial weight loss. Another grave risk that my diet is presenting me with is my system’s overloading of sodium. This chemical commonly found in salt can cause heart attacks and must be approached with caution.
In the future I prepare to eat more healthily by eating more. The most important change I will make to my diet include eating three extra pieces of pizza and one fruit as a standard staple meal in my diet. This would give me necessary calories that I need to fulfill my growth potential. The other change that I would make is the increased expenditure of my physical ability. This is important to assuring that I can continue to intake the amount of food that I plan for. A healthy life style would be to have cereal in the morning, bike to school, go downtown and eat Chinese food and then bike home and have three pieces of pizza.

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