Brag Sheet (2010) Career Explorations

Here is a little “brag sheet” :

My GPA so far is 3.4/4.2, although for 10th and 11th grade I have a 3.75/4.75

I lettered 9th and 10th grade for tennis and in 11th grade lettered in
swimming, and was part of a freestyle relay team with state qualifying

In 9th grade I participated in the Model UN, receiving the distinction
of Outstanding Delegate at Middlebury and Honorable Mention at

The National Forensics League has given me the level of Distinction
for 267 points in 9th and 11th grade. In 9th grade I was state
runner-up in Dramatic Duo. In 11th I qualified for nationals and was
runner-up in the Western Carolina Conference. Both years I performed
pieces cut out of Mel Brooks, “The Producers”

Theatre has always been exciting for me; being on stage is the fruit
of months of preparation and is a thrill I always jump at. In addition
to the Dramatic Duo work I’ve done, I also have participated in many
different plays in the past years. I received best actor awards in
8th, 10th, and 11th grade. Plays I have been in include: Tales from
Armageddon by Edward Albee, Agammenon by Aeschylus, The Clouds by
Aristophanes, The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, and The Beauty and the
Beast by Linda Woolverton.

In the Meeting of the Minds, I researched and represented Aldous
Huxley, a pioneer in recognizing that a “free” society such as our own
can use pleasure to control society, painting a poignant picture that
supplemented George Orwell’s 1984, a book I wrote on in 10th grade, in
warning us the devolution of our society.

I was President of the French club in 11th grade. After swearing off
the language freshman year, I picked it up again at the end of 10th
grade and have achieved a level of semi-fluency, doing an exchange to
Pt. Audmere in Normandy last spring and working on a farm outside of
St. Jean, Quebec where workers from Quebec City acquainted me with the
Quebecois dialect. This is my only work experience outside of
accounting for my mom’s practice, Vermont Dermatopathology. French is
now one of my favorite subjects.

Another experience that had a huge influence on me was my experience
as a legislative page at the Vermont State House. This job paid about
600 dollars for six weeks of work in the thick of the legislative
process. I got to see debates and votes on gas taxes, GMO’s
(Genetically modified food), and luxury car taxes, as well as
countless other proposals.

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