We Got You Covered

We Got You Covered

Paul Fischer


Professor Lisa Dion


We Got You Covered © started as a pet project to give users an automated experience playing music without the hassle of getting up to turn pages or invest in a complicated system to turn pages as you play live music. By bringing your music and the music of your favorite artists from the sheets to the stage your cover band or quintet can easily master the most complicated music recorded in history. Get started here and hop into our sheet music: let us cover your dive into our unique automatic page-flipping mechanism. You can play an old rag tune with little more than a washboard and chickenbones or even organize an entire orchestra by porting the website through mobile devices. Yes, you are reading correctly, this website is fully mobile-optimized!

The fun doesn’t end with performance. We Got You Covered also provides a contextualized service that allows even a novice music historian to place artists into a cohesive vision of modern and classical music theory provided by the website’s trained experts. Fun facts, pictures, and, of course, music lists can all be accessed through this brand new up and coming website.

Should you be interested in picking up more cool information and music or sharing your own tidbits or comments, our website also has a fully functional email list and submit option. Music has been developing for thousands of years and there is no reason that trend should stop with you. Start the next trend by composing and submitting your own work or the work of your favorite artists to be considered for  inclusion into the website!

We hope you enjoy your interactive trip through musical history with this multimedia extravaganza of popular songs, symphonies, quintets, and even ballets. If you know of a hot musical trend you can submit the idea and your contact information to get updates.  It was fun to make the site and provides an educational experience for users as well as developers: we look forward to hearing from you!

All three of the web designers have basic HTML coding credentials now and varied backgrounds that have allowed the website to develop appropriately. John learned FORTRAN (Formula Translation) and COBOL (COmmon Business-Oriented Language) for professional reasons before becoming interested in modern website design. Rachel studies film and television with a focus on television and is now beginning to learn website programming for computers. Paul is a history and environmental studies major who has taken classes in music before, fields that jived well with the topic of our website. He has learned programming in C and C++ and is completing a certificate in cybersecurity has well.

The University of Vermont is proud to sponsor musical and historical endeavors as well as STEM initiatives training young students in the languages of the future. This has become more critical to workplace functionality in recent years and both of these are foci inclusive of the academic goals at this research institution. No corporate or competing sponsorship has been disclosed in the development of the website. Right now this website operates under standard educational copyright standards.

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