My side of a conversation with Brian Macfadyen on Youtube policies, royalties and economic good sense

If corporations and artists are flat out blocking a film or music video, it’s censorship. There has to be an exponential royalty system, where people who are providing legitimate serious content are getting close to a similar royalty as the music they sample
and those who simply put a picture of a pumpkin and let it be end up with tiniest fraction of that royalty, i think free market compensates for that though because if there is a good music video someone will watch it, and if there is a crappy one they wont, when both are costing the same…
and for artists who dont “make music videos” they might have an economic incentive to use a blog or something bandcamp kind of thing where they can isolate their customer base and force out the competition,if they have a natural monopoly on their sound, that is talent sometimes, cartel economics might be more useful for that particular group.
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