Satan’s Cookie Chest (2010)

Satan’s Cookie Chest 
Paul Fischer

It shines bright red,

like the wet lips
gifted to Adam’s mortal sin.
The soft sweet bread
bleeds within while
enticing swollen hips
draw me slowly in.

Satan’s cookie chest
waits quietly in the corner
resting precariously
but peacefully
on a trembling brink
of  forgotten abyss 
in unspoken terror
ready to tumble.

It sparkles with lightning,
booms with the thunder
of silent aurora,
but then pandora 
would go the way of the leper.

Satan is too exquisite
for that plebeian path.

A plop in the distance.
You can feel small
spelunking in that box.

Dark green with the dread
of burning sips
from the lamp of Aladdin.
Goldman Sachs shines inside,
manipulates and controls.
In that chest are mortgages,
spun up and sold
like so many souls 
lost forever to the Lord.

College loans marriage proceed
like the plastic bride
bound to Satan’s denizens,
all squelching, depriving a nation
of vigilant citizens.
Mahogany lined by velvet
quietly invites trips
dangerous as Wayne’s last gram.
Pungent, a people disabled.
Poisoned adrenaline.

Like Kobain’s last hit of heroin
lost in the swell of the rest
sailing above like a lark,
under a wave
crashing on a grave beach,
submerged, lest
it slow down to a creek
trickling into the palm
of a sweaty card shark.

A rush in the instant
makes you feel so tall,
that theres no fear even of the rocks.

Satan likes to play
his favorite toy,
the one you chose,
mind still clouded, muddled,
waits behind the door.
That chest is locked, 
but not yet closed.

Aggressive like a beetle
that hurriedly scuttles,
snakes that unabashedly slink
under briefcases,
fill with lives bought,
steal the last thought
from those who don’t need
to think.

Subsisting on faces
of races piled in sync,
as the same hands beating,
the thunder of an iron drum
eat the last crumb
from the trembling hands
of those who can’t afford
to lose.

Different paths
aren’t really there to choose. 

So sweet
in itself
but still lost
in the heavenly realms.
Satan’ in heat
and hes ready to fuck
stay the hell out of his box.

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