Last Salute (2010)

Last Salute
Paul Fischer
Tribunal Tyrants tremble
Seeing silent Symbols
Towering thundering, like the last hour
Receive true static wrath.
From the Corporate Media
Jarred in between
A nation
And its path
Between a nation
And its power
The power of a working man
Under relentless mechanical barrage
Oppressed by Ingenious Mind Slaves
Locked pitifully in the GE garage, billed with burgeoning loans
Their fiscal ineptitude has them marching in the rallies for
The dope and the lies, the suntan
They’re supplying. Propagating.
Drowning slowly. Futile cries
Against the corporatization of resistance,
Protesters riding reverse in Halliburton buses.
Caught by the
Of salutary Sanity
Under the boot of Conservative marchers
Waving signs factory made.
In Taiwan.
In China, pumping out toxic toys, poisoning our kids
In Afghanistan, drugs flowing like ferrofluid to put a nation
On the skids
As Soldiers march, distracted, through
Poppyfields, waving Obama’s bikini flag,
Covered in blood,
In satirical irony,
Worship of the Wizard of Oz,
Defiled like the tattered marriages.
Product of a cursed
nation of lost souls pressure-cooked.
Don’t know if what’s right’s true.
When, whether, maybe its time to bail.
On the bankrupt boat we’re all in,
Rigged to tie every tool in its place,
And let the rest drown
In the oil slick ocean waste.

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