Four months and 20 Days

Four months and Twenty days
By Paul A Fischer

When I can feel the plunge,
 into that forbidden abyss
 my breath comes up fast
 my heart beats strong
I begin the uncontrolled lunge
 a fast twist

To finishing the exhilaration
  of secrets long forgotten
and just contemplation
 sinks me into jealous bliss

I know it’s no shit
 Because of the oceans
Brimming over feiry sunsets
 Mixing into salty potions
Tear drops roll against outstanding debts

I know it’s no shit because of the
 Dime sized pools, irises blessed
With transcendental light
 Exhaling upward as long hair
Twinkles like forgotten
 Stars burning bright
On my bare chest

But then your gone
 And I lose control
I’m ready to accept
 The madness we elect
To undergo to keep

What I have now,
 Your hot jealous lips
Beating with my every
Keeping with the rythm of
 My heart
Choking me like a christmas
Blinding me with a dazzling

That’s how I know
 I can wait
That’s how I know
 Four months and
Twenty days,
 The love you give,
I’ll take.

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