April 16- Centennial Woods; Not so Springy Spring

I had hoped by now I would have seen signs of spring, but snow is still covering the ground. During my walk, I found a pileated woodpecker, a couple of chickadees, robins, and a couple squirrels. Sadly, I did not see any signs of amphibians. I think it still may be too cold and snowy. I did see a couple of white oaks budding (see picture below). Through the leaf litter and ice/snow I saw a couple of ferns attempting to poke through. From my location, I can hear lots of traffic and see some apartments if I look closely. Centennial Woods is very close to main roads and houses, and I would imagine this takes a toll on wildlife. I would assume the roads and infrastructure disturb by light pollution and noise pollution. I also think the implementation of these roads cut off a corridor. I would assume this area does not house any interior species because it is in the middle of a city and has a lot of housing developments around it.