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The link in the comments is the link to the location on google maps

Salmon Hole: Vegetation & Woody Plants

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While looking around I noticed that because it was right by water and most of the surrounding terrain was rock, there was very little vegetation. However, the vegetation that I did notice mostly shrubs and other species like honeysuckle, buckthorns and other species along that line. While walking down the river trail towards my spot I did notice a lot of oak trees and other hardwoods while crossing the man made bridge over the stream that leads into the river.

Here is a specific list of the most common woody plants that I was able to observe:

Northern Red Oak

American Beech

Yellow Birch

Paper Birch

Other various hardwoods but these were the ones that I noticed the most during my first visit. 


Salmon Hole: An Introduction

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When presented with this assignment I went back and forth on quite a few different places near campus, but the name itself, Salmon Hole, presented enough intrigue and was close enough to where I am living that I decided to check it out. One sunny afternoon I decided to venture down to Salmon Hole and find a spot I could get to know better. Getting there was much easier than I expected, a straight shot past Trinity campus with a couple left and right turns and then I found the river trails, leading me right to my spot. At this point I was only at Salmon Hole to see if I could use it for my phenology project, but once I found that spot by the water off of the first river trail I saw a calm open space right in the middle of a busy city, offering a spot of solitude in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Once I saw this calm, open space I knew this was the place for my project. Now I will spend the rest of the semester getting to know this little spot off the river trail, from the root to the water to the trees above. 

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