Salmon Hole: Has spring sprung yet?

Salmon Hole always shows subtle signs of the season changing when it comes from winter to spring especially. As far as amphibians go there are small fish and possible tadpoles swimming around in the water of Salmon Hole, I have not seen full salon yet though. There are some really small flowers who are trying to poke their way through the leaves but they are now covered by the thin layer of snow that came down over the course of this weekend. When it comes to the trees, I have not seen any blatant evidence of flowering, but some of the trees are showing some tiny, tiny buds. The nearest edge is actually right by my specific spot of salmon Hole, there is a main road right by the trail entrance that I use every single time I go there. The edge effect of being right by a heavily populated main road has resulted in a smaller bird population in the area and more leaves on the ground rather than in the trees. Since the edge is right around the boundary of Salmon Hole, the trees that are right there have less leaves most of the times that I have been there, and the trees further inland have more leaves, but not by much as of right now. As far as forest interior species go the most common ones are squirrels and the occasional rabbit or garden snake.

~ by ogerard on April 15, 2018.

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