Salmon Hole: Comparison with Another Place

I decided to choose a different phenology place to compare Salmon Hole to then the place I used last semester, and it’s in my own backyard this time. Right in the backyard of my house there is a patch of woods that the Charles River runs through, so this land is a protected space that fortunately no one is allowed to ever build on; so it is like my own little piece of the wilderness right outside my window. Since no one has ever developed right on top of this land, it has had time to develop naturally enough that there is a pathway above the river that leads into the next town right behind a gas station, which is not directly near the river. Tall trees fill the woods, but the ground is littered with thorn bushes and poison ivy, so anytime I ever would end up in there I would always make sure to wear long pants and not touch any leaf that I did not recognize. Then there is the path that leads into town, I have only ever walked that path once with my entire family and it was fairly long and narrow but it was so calming to be in the woods. Right now there is so much snow covering the woods its hard to find where the water starts and where the path begins. With those tall trees, there is the occasional bird who made a nest up in the trees, but since it is in the prime of winter I really was not able to see any actual birds. There are plenty of plants that are in this area, but all the leaves are gone but the buds are beginning to come back.

Coordinates: 42°08’11.2″N 71°26’26.5″W

~ by ogerard on March 16, 2018.

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