Salmon Hole: Tracking & Changes

Salmon Hole almost seems like an entirely new place. Covered in ice and snow it feels like once I walk down that snow covered trail towards the water I feel transported into another world. There is a tennis ball frozen into the lake and the vibrant color of a few soda cans disrupts the white tapestry that fills my vision. The trees have now become harder to identify, but from what I could tell I noticed a few boxelders, a couple paper birches and a black cherry tree just far enough down the hill where I couldn’t get too close to it.
When it came to finding tracks, that was very difficult. I was able to only find one track in the mess of human tracks, and it ended up being dog tracks from what I was able to deduce. I was able to find pretty distinctive tracks but scat as well.

This was one of the twigs I found on my journey to Salmon Hole and I was only able to locate a few of the central parts in my sketch below.

~ by ogerard on February 4, 2018.

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