Salmon Hole: Human History & Changes

The time I have spent at Salmon Hole I have noticed the changes that human development has imposed on this natural area over time. For example, all around the water there is development that almost blocks the entire environment in. With this part of Winooski once belonging to a whole lot of mills and factories, that is still evident today. While looking around the water you are able to see the remnants of the old factory right above the waterfall that runs into the main body of water. The product of this area once being full of factories and mills is still within the geological and sediment formation all around Salmon Hole. The rocks around Salmon Hole are layered with numerous kinds of sediment from natural development and the factory’s runoff which made its way into the soil and sediment. The waterfall as well is a man made structure, the structure that it comes out of is something that did not occur naturally. Another example of the human history is the wood stairs and bridge that connect the trail to the water, the bridge going over the river. This shows that humans wanted a better access point to the water for its fishing ability and access to further factory development as well.

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