Salmon Hole Comparison: Choate Park

Choate Park and Salmon Hole are two very similar pieces of land. Choate Park is located in my hometown of Medway, Massachusetts and is often overlooked as a phenological gem. Just like Salmon Hole, Choate Park is an inland structure with some kind of body of water running through it. At this point in time most of the trees have shed their leaves just like in Salmon Hole. However, I was able to find a lot of the same tree species in Choate and Salmon Hole. When thinking about a place to compare Salmon Hole to for this assignment I knew that Choate Park was the perfect place because Choate is basically a smaller version of Salmon Hole. The wildlife situation is pretty similar, however I have not noticed any snakes of any kind in my time at Choate like I did at Salmon Hole but they both had the usual squirrels, insects and fish in the water. The fish at Choate were extremely sparse in comparison to Salmon Hole. Salmon Hole, as it says in the name, has a very boisterous salmon population and most times at Choate you are lucky to catch even the tiniest of fish.
Choate Park is a small gem in the little town of Medway, Massachusetts. With the small wooden soldiers lining the grass surrounding the tennis courts at Christmas time and the large evergreen covered in twinkly lights. While walking around the Park Street Pond you can see the rolling greenery of the Thayer House lawn as the sun lines the horizon. Along the wooded trails that surround the pond the trees loom overhead twisted around one another at this time of year. As you walk along these trails, the gravel crunching underneath your feet, a bushy tailed, light brown squirrel scurries across the trail, shooting up a tall oak tree trying to find a sustenance for the cold winter up ahead. The water of the pond, despite the unappealing appearance at first, this is a very complex system. The pond leads into a roaring waterfall, constantly flowing underneath the bridge connecting the lands of the park to one another. The waterfall then leads into the river that continues to flow through Medway and connecting towns as well. Right on the pond as well the tiniest of beaches lays right off the side of the water, the grainiest of sands that cover your feet as you walk across it. Choate Park is the hidden gem of my small town, a place that makes me feel like I am back in Vermont but at home all at once.
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