Salmon Hole: Changes

While making my way back down to Salmon Hole, there definitely has been quite a change in the vegetation. With the seasons changing, the entire river trail is now covered in numerous shades of orange and yellow, and the number of dead trees seems to be increasing. With the colors changing among the trees and the numerous boxelders losing their leaves, there also has been quite an increase in the amount of purple loosestrifes, an invasive species that has been growing in the crevices of the rocks close to the water.
There has also been quite a spark in the wildlife since I last visited. While walking down the river trail the last time I was there, I almost stepped on a garter snake that has now made a home in the leaves along the trails. Also, I found a squirrel that has found itself a home in an oak tree and loves to scurry around the trail when ever I am walking by it.
Salmon Hole is also a very popular fishing spot SO when I have walked down towards the water I have noticed a few small fish swimming around but I haven’t seen any salmon yet.

~ by ogerard on October 22, 2017.

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