Winter’s Eve

Birds are singing their song
Leaves are in the air
I haven't gone outside in so long
I just couldn't help but stare

A bird's nest above my head
Rested on an eastern white pine
I'm so glad I got out of bed
This moment is oh so fine

Winter may come in strong
As powerful as a bear
Yet running away feels wrong
For this beauty is oh so rare

When the cold turns my cheeks red
I recognize that dismal sign
It's time to venture on ahead
And blow a kiss to the place I call mine

The Bird’s Nest

In my most recent visit to my place, I was searching for some phenology changes when my mind was blown.  There was a bird’s nest in a tree! It was outstanding! The entire nest had been created since my last visit (just a week before).  I thought that was very cool.  I seems I now have to share my place with another creature.  I also noticed the leaves in the trees were more brown, and way more leaves had fallen.  The leaf litter was very brown in color, less colors than last time.

Signs Of Wildlife

Whenever I visit my place I am surrounded by signs of wildlife.  I heard a rustling in the bushes and after a short investigation I noticed three squirrels running around.  In the background there were birds chirping constantly.  After a closer look around, I realized that bugs and insects also roamed my place.  There’s an entire ecosystem here! It wasn’t easy to find insects crawling on the ground, but the holes in the leaves were telling signs.  

Vegetation Changes

I visited my place again and noticed a few noteworthy changes in the vegetation.  The first thing that caught my eye was that what had previously been a stag had fallen onto the ground! I was shocked, but as I thought about it more I realized that that tree was a goner anyway.  Another difference was that there was a lot more leaf litter on the ground, mostly brown and yellow leaves.  The leaves that were still in the trees were almost entirely yellow, last time they were mostly green.  Another beautiful sign of fall.


I found my place in the depths of centennial woods.  It’s not to difficult to find, with the entrance of the woods being a 5 minute walk behind the medical building on campus.  I choose this spot because it is almost entirely surrounded by nature.  The only trace of human activity is the dirt path I took to reach my place.  Looking around my spot I can see 4 eastern white pines, 2 red oaks, an American beech, 3 red maples, a white oak, as well as a few stags.  It is truly a lovely place to sit and relax.  As one of the most calming places I know, my place is amazing.