Human History

My place in Centennial Woods may be a natural area, but humans have influenced its history in many ways.  Since my place is on the path of a park, people walk by all the time.  Grass does not grow on the ground, instead there is simply dirt.  It is unlikely that a grass could grow because people walk through my place all the time.  Also, humans have developed the area surrounding my place.  There is a University write up the hill, and a residential area adjacent to my place.  This has turned a once forest habitat into a patch of a forest habitat.  The proximity of the edge from my place is fairly close.  This effects the types of species that live in my place.  Some birds only live in the center of forest habitats, because the edge of a fragmentation is not a suitable home.  In this way, humans have indirectly affected the species that live in my place.

My Place (Burlington) Vs My New Site (Greenwich) – Holland

My place in Burlington is bustling with life.  A bird built a nest for its babies to be grow up in.  It was constructed on a tall branch of an eastern white pine.  Interesting that both places have coniferous trees.  My new site also contains a few evergreens, most common are eastern hemlocks.  If there is a birds nest in my new site, it will soon be uncovered as well as more and more leaves fall to the ground.  Both places are similar forests because both are in the northeast, my new place being a little farther south.  The biggest difference between the two places is the giant lake that defines my new place.  My original place had a stream near by but no actual body of water was at the site.  In my new site, a lake is so big and so strong, it makes it harder to notice anything else.  Fish swim around under the still surface, calling this lake their home.  Ducks rest their wings on the surface of the water.  All life seems to be drawn to the lake, it is the center of a tiny ecosystem.  My place back in Burlington lacked a large water source, and seemed more quiet.  There is way more life easily noticeable by the lake.

New Site in the Style of Leopold

I walk down the old dirt path leading to my new place.  As I turn around the corner I can see the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the lake.  The brightness blinds the eastern hemlocks surrounding the lake.  Those trees stand taller than the rest, commanding the scene.  Upon father investigation, there are ducks swimming through the lake.  They are the only disturbance on an otherwise still body of water.  It is almost as though the surface was remaining still just for the ducks to enjoy.  One duck starts to swim away from the pack, for reasons unknown to me.  The rest of the ducks follow suit.  I realize that these ducks are a family, were one goes so do the rest.  They exist in perfect harmony with each other, the sky, and this lake.  Luckily for them, this was the perfect day.  Such a small amount of wind and a perfect temperature, the day was made for this family of ducks.  The sun begins to set and a beautiful set of colors are unleashed onto the lake.  It truly is amazing how nature connects everything together in such a peaceful way.  And somehow, with all of these different moving parts of the scene, an unbelievable stillness and quietness remains in tact.

Winter’s Eve

Birds are singing their song
Leaves are in the air
I haven't gone outside in so long
I just couldn't help but stare

A bird's nest above my head
Rested on an eastern white pine
I'm so glad I got out of bed
This moment is oh so fine

Winter may come in strong
As powerful as a bear
Yet running away feels wrong
For this beauty is oh so rare

When the cold turns my cheeks red
I recognize that dismal sign
It's time to venture on ahead
And blow a kiss to the place I call mine

The Bird’s Nest

In my most recent visit to my place, I was searching for some phenology changes when my mind was blown.  There was a bird’s nest in a tree! It was outstanding! The entire nest had been created since my last visit (just a week before).  I thought that was very cool.  I seems I now have to share my place with another creature.  I also noticed the leaves in the trees were more brown, and way more leaves had fallen.  The leaf litter was very brown in color, less colors than last time.

Signs Of Wildlife

Whenever I visit my place I am surrounded by signs of wildlife.  I heard a rustling in the bushes and after a short investigation I noticed three squirrels running around.  In the background there were birds chirping constantly.  After a closer look around, I realized that bugs and insects also roamed my place.  There’s an entire ecosystem here! It wasn’t easy to find insects crawling on the ground, but the holes in the leaves were telling signs.  

Vegetation Changes

I visited my place again and noticed a few noteworthy changes in the vegetation.  The first thing that caught my eye was that what had previously been a stag had fallen onto the ground! I was shocked, but as I thought about it more I realized that that tree was a goner anyway.  Another difference was that there was a lot more leaf litter on the ground, mostly brown and yellow leaves.  The leaves that were still in the trees were almost entirely yellow, last time they were mostly green.  Another beautiful sign of fall.