My soul has been eaten by my internship… But I LOVE IT!

8 Nov

Life has been really crazy lately, mostly because my internship is owning my soul. I spend so much time with both my UVM Faculty Supervisor and my Internship Supervisor that I don’t even remember what my roommates look like. Its coming up to class registration for the Spring, and I am so ready to meet with my advisor about my options for next semester. I only have two requirements for next semester, and all the other credits are up to me. I know they say you shouldn’t slack off during the last semester, but I finally get to take fun classes for once! You can’t fault a girl for wanting to mix up her last semester now can you?
Anyways… I will be back sometime soon, maybe even with a video post???
I’ll let you know more about my schedule the next time I can spare a moment to share tid-bits about lil’ old me!



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