Off Campus Problem El Numero UNO: Transportation!!!!!

20 Sep

This morning when I woke up, for the first time ever since the semester started, and I truly realized how much I really do miss living on Campus. The convenience of just rolling out of bed, throwing some sweats on, swiping your CatCard for some breakfast and coffee, then grabbing the bus to class (all in 20 minutes) is a luxury I surely took for granted. As it takes me two buses, 30 minutes of travel time, and me waking up an hour and a half before I need to be on campus is not the most ideal way to travel. Though one of my roommates has a car, my schedule is the ONLY one of the four of us who starts WAY later than all the rest, so I’m always stuck hauling my tush up to campus alone 🙁
But its okay, because with your student ID, all the CCTA buses leaving from Cherry St. are FREE! Very convienient… Shout out to UVM for knowing what’s up with free transportation VIA the bus!!
Anywho… I have to be off to class now, seeing as I have it in like a hour.
No worries, you’ll all hear from again.

Oh you know... calmly taking this picture before I sprint to the bus stop... NBD.




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